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Srilanka Travel..!!

About Srilanka

Sri Lanka was formerly known as Ceylon. The country is located in the southern Asia. It is an island country in the Indian Ocean. The mention of Sri Lanka is there in many Indian texts. In the religious Indian epic the Ramayana the mention of the place is there as Lanka.
The Sinhalese arrived in Sri Lanka in the 6th century. They belonged to the Northern India. The religion of Buddhism was introduced in the beginning of the 3rd century B.C. The island was under British rule from the year 1796 to the year 1948. The name of the place was then changed from Ceylon to Sri Lanka in 1972.
Sri Lanka is basically a tropical country. Rains are expected anytime of the year. It rains almost in every part of country. In Hambanthota, the temperature is consistently about 30-35 C.


The influence of many factors can be seen on the culture of Sri Lanka. It is mostly influenced by the history of Buddhist heritage. The country has a rich tradition of fine arts which includes music, dance and visual art. The lifestyle of Sri Lanka can be well observed in its cuisine, festivals and sports. The country is well known for its cricketing fever. The food and holistic medicine too makes it known to the world. The export of goods like tea, cinnamon and gems is made by the country. The country has diverse culture that varies from region to region.
The country has its allegation with India from the ancient times. There is 4.16% of the population of Indian Tamil in the country. The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is a cultural event in the country. This is the time where a person forgets all his work and enjoys the festivity. The celebration involves religious activities and traditional games


• Heritance tea Factory- Nuwaraceliya, it is located in the cool chimes of Nuwara-Eliya and is surrounded by mountains. The place has tea estates. It is one of the most matchless hotels in the country.
• Cinnamon Grand-Colombo, A place that would touch you to the senses. The place is heaven for people who are on a holiday or otherwise.
• Hilton Colombo Residence- The hotel opens up to the view of the Indian Ocean or Colombo harbor. The hotel has the facility of swimming pool, Jacuzzi, health club, tennis court.


• Anuradhapura- This place is ruins of the ancient capital of the country. The place has been partly restored.
• Colombo- The city is the biggest city in Sri Lanka.
• Galle- It is the place where there is the Dutch Fort. This is the place where the Dutch travelers gather from the nearby beach resort villages.
• Jaffina- It is the Northern Capital ravaged by the civil war.
• Kandy- It is the spiritual city with the essence of Buddhism. It is also called the tooth of Buddha.
• Kurunegala
• Nuwara Eliya
• Polannaruwa- There is ruins of the ancient capitals which have been partially restored.
• Ratnapura- It is called the City Of Gems.